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Steamwheedle Cartel


Velocity of Steamwheedle Cartel

Official raiding schedule

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays, 9:30pm-12:30am
All raid times are listed as our ancestral server time (EST)
(newfangled Kirin Tor time, that's 8:30-11:30)

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New Website
01/01/2015 11:51 PM by Ntayu

Happy New Year!!

We got us a present: a new guild forum! Head on over and make an account. Check in game, or in this post for the secret password that lets you skip the application step!


Orgrimmar is ours!
08/08/2014 02:52 PM by Ntayu

Angry Tool of a Warchief

Good bye, Garrosh. I can't say we'll miss you.

That was a long haul, but we got him! You guys hung in there and we got it done, great work! Now, if we can just get him to drop something someone needs...

Annual "Keep Velocity Connected" Fundraiser :)
06/19/2013 02:47 PM by Ntayu

Thanks for donating!!

We've reached our yearly goal for funding the website and Vent server! Thank you to all who contributed!


Guild Applications

We are looking for players who want to strive to be the best they can be every week. Your raid slot is earned and maintained by your preparation between raids and execution at raids. Tryouts are extensive and lengthy, and guild invites are given only to those that best fit our group. The goal is great gaming with a highly organized, hand picked guild of close friends. If this sounds like the environment you're looking for, fill out an application!


Recruitment is once again open! Interested players should fill out the application below, and are welcome to contact an officer in-game!

Death Knight Death Knight Limited
Druid Druid Limited
Hunter Hunter Limited
Mage Mage Limited
Monk Monk Limited
Paladin Paladin Limited
Priest Priest Limited
Rogue Rogue Limited
Shaman Shaman Limited
Warlock Warlock Limited
Warrior Warrior Limited
Apply Now
Guild Info
ServerSteamwheedle Cartel
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